LOMBOK at the ATBC in Kuching

We had an impressive turn out at the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC2018) annual conference in Kuching. Twenty-eight members of LOMBOK attended, from our Malaysian and UK students, PIs, and local collaborators, and we gave 14 talks (have a look under Presentations). We also co-organised two symposia on ‘Environmental Sustainability in Oil Palm’ and ‘Connectivity in Tropical Landscapes’. We were especially happy to have four of our Research Assistants with us, who did a great job talking about our work on riparian reserves at the SEARRP-LOMBOK booth, and enjoyed hearing about the work they had been involved in the talks (with much deserved thanks given to them in the slides!). We ended the conference with a day trip hiking and swimming in Bako NP, and of course a laksa!



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