Riparian stakeholder consultation

22 June 2016 – Knowledge exchange and stakeholder consultation meeting, Sabah Softwoods HQ, Tawau.

Hosted by LOMBOK researchers Matthew Struebig (DICE-Kent), Jake Bicknell (DICE-Kent), and Eleanor Slade (Oxford) in collaboration with SEARRP. We presented to 35 participants that included oil palm plantation managers and directors of Benta Wawasan and Sabah Softwoods, as well as other key stakeholders from Yayasan Sabah and Sabah Forest Department. The meeting had three aims:

  1. Present an update of LOMBOK research activities and address any questions arising. We focused on the soil emission, carbon stock and biodiversity components.
  2. Outline proposals to extend the programme to riparian sites. A key suggestion of applied interest to the plantation managers was to investigate the influence of buffer width as well as provisions for pest beetle species.
  3. Outline plans for spatial analyses and request input on policy scenarios and economic/ management data.

Riparian workshop

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